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Using an interdisciplinary approach, Pitchfork Solutions works with its clients to develop a synergism that results in effective teams and successful projects. Past projects have ranged from simple self-contained devices to fully networked systems. They have included dedicated proprietary applications to web-enabled user interfaces. In all cases, the successful completion of the project provided added benefits such as increased productivity, enhanced data collection, new functionality, and improved quality. Being client driven, Pitchfork Solutions continually looks forward to new challenges and the reward of another job well done.

In working to solve a problem, it is always best to place each aspect of the situation in an appropriate perspective. This can be done in many ways and each has it's own advantage. The following steps outline an approach that Pitchfork Solutions has found effective for many projects. It is not necessary that these steps be followed precisely. This should only form a framework on which to build your own unique solution.

Needs Assessment
Requirements Specification
Design Documentation
Verification and Validation

Last updated: May 22, 2017
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