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CNC Engraving

CNC engraving is an easy and low cost way to add text or personalization to a project. What Knotty Turn offers is a very basic service as shown here.

The first example is a simple sign such as those used in refurbishing an older sign. In this case the material is exterior PVC selected to hold up to the weather and aging. The letters were infilled with the selected paint.

This was an interesting project. Here CNC engraving is used to copy an image on to one piece of PVC. This was then glued with others to form a box. The top was turned on a lathe to form the neck of a bottle. The entire box size was chosen and a hole put in the back so that it can server as a bird house! The final design includes attaching the bottle to a base with stainless steel screws so that it can be disassembled for cleaning.

This shows an example of combining text and graphics on one piece. In this case the plaue was installed in back of the main sign as a historical record of when and by whom the work was completed.

You are encouraged to contact Knotty Turn with your requirements for unique engraving.

Last updated: March 22, 2018
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