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Many people think of cabinetry as being a specific trade as seen in the common cabinets at the "big box" stores or as specified by the home builder. It can be this and so much more. Various woods and profiles can be used to make unique pieces to fulfill specific needs.

In this case, a facility was expanding and needed more malboxes. However, it was desirable that they fit in a narrow space between the exsiting mailboxes and that they match closely in color.

Here are some cabinets built to match an existing entertainment center.

The material chosen for cabinet work depends on the customer's desires. The mailboxes were made with low cost pine and primed and painted to match the older ones. The entetainment cabinets were built using stard red oak plywood. This resulted in a very stable construction that will not warp with time. Many other woods are available to suit the specific needs. The common ones being birch and maple, but the choice is almost limitless when imported lumber is considered.

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