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Wood is a nice medium to work in. However, it does age and is suject to the vagaries of the elements. Sometimes, these can be rather ugly and many are inclined to just discard the old and start with new. If there is any sentimental valaue, refurbishing is an excellent alternative.

The person who built the first sign, probably in the 1950's, for the Lydia Pinkham facility in Lynn, MA had the foresight to use cedar. As a result, the main part of the sign was still sound, but the paint was peeling and the trim fairly rotted. In the picture on the left, some of these effects can be seen. Unfortunately, the very top of the sign didn't get in the picture, but the "roof" portion was rotted to the point of almost falling off by itself.

It was decided to refurbish the sign using current materials except for the backing. This was stripped and sanded down, then primed and repainted. A new top and trim based on exterior PVC were put on. (The top now includes a PVC bottle patterned after one of the original elixir bottles.) The tennant signs are also PVC with the names engraved and filled with paint to match the main building. These signs should last many years. The design also allows for easy changes as tenants come and go.

For your refurbishing needs, whether for a small toy or a large sign, please contact Knotty Turn.

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