Knotty Turn
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Standard Turning

Standard wood turning results in round "things" - bowls, plates, etc. These pictures show a few of the items that Knotty Turn has produced over the years. Although common hardwoods like cherry, maple, and walnut are good, less commmon woods as shown here result in beautiful pieces.

This is made of butternut. Very similar to walnut, but much lighter, it is often called "White Walnut." This bowl is made of catlpa. Very common in the Eastern portion of the US but not often used for furniture.

Both of these were made by gluing smaller pieces together. By crossing the grain between layers, the effect of the light is emphasized. It also results in a stronger bowl that is less lilkely to warp and crack. This is a good way to use scraps of wood left over from other projects.

This piece shows use of the "natural edge" to form part of the rim of the bowl. It also shows off the coloration of heartwood, the reddish section, and spalting, the darker lines. This bowl and lid are of spalted sweet gum.

Spalting is the result of slight decay of the wood - most often by a fungus that invades the fibers afer the tree dies. The coloration is dependednt on the type of fungus as well as the wood. It results in striking variations in color.

Although a lot of lathe work is for bowls, plates just as easily show the beauty of the wood. Although beautiful, some pieces seem like they should just fall apart.

These pieces are from a maple tree that was infested with a boring beetle. On the outside it was a gnarly mess and seemed good only for firewood. Inside it provided amazging complexity and beauty.

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