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Toys and Knick-nacks

Much of the rest of the web site has focused on the untilitarian aspects of woodworking. But, wood is also great for "fun" things - toys and knick-nacks. Here are just a few...

As long as they are not used to target siblings, yo-yos are an endless source of fun. These yoyos are designed to be "sleepers" and can also be used for many tricks. It's up to the imagination of the useer! Bracelets from wood are light and come in a wide variety of woods or can even be colored. Those made by Knotty Turn are made using a layering technique and thus are quite strong.


Toys like this take a lot of careful work and are considered "executive" toys!


Watch for new toys to come out from time to time!

Last updated: March 22, 2018
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