At last!

After all this time, this site is no longer "just for fun" and there is no reason not to do something with it. Fist of all, as is usually the case, this site is "under development" and will be expanded at the whim of the developer. To contact the owner of this page, send e-mail to the WebMeister himself.

What this site is not.

As for so many people, my name is shared by a rather well-known enterprise: Pfaltzgraff Pottery. So, although I may have a certain right to use it as my domain name, I found that they had already registered it. Looking for alternatives, I decided to use an abbreviation of our name that was used when I was young - 'pfz'. However, I found that they had already registered that one, too! On a cue from my oldest son, I decided to register Not only is it the first part of our name, but it is the "Americanization" of the German Pfalz which is the region where our family line originated. So, well, here I am -!

What this site is...

This is a focal point for my endeavors on the web. I will be using it as a portal to share various elemets of myself with those who may have an interest. In this role, it will change from time to time, but I cannot promise that it will be either interesting or entertaining for anyone other than myself. Sorry. From this site, you will find links to pertinent areas:

Last updated: December 29, 2011
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