San Resop

San Resop is a good sounding combination of syllables taken from Sanity Restoration Operations. It came to mind recently as I was contriving to find time for myself in this crazy world of consulting. As we all know there are some clients/customers who will take all they can. In working with one of these, I found that they also have their own perceptions. For example, when I needed to have time in the office to work with another client, I was asked if I was going to work on the "honey do" list!

Well, when the time came for that, I felt a sense of guilt in admitting that I needed time for myself. On the way home that afternoon, I realized that "I" am a client that also needs time and attention. As the thoughts jumbled around in my head, the idea of taking time for myself in order to maintain sanity slowly jelled. However, if asked about it, it's still difficult to think selfishly. But, if I had a "true" client... Thus, San Resop was formed!

Think about it. San Resop asks for nothing more than your time. They're definitely not-for-profit. (Although I doubt the IRS would recognize them as a non-profit organization!) The neat thing is that they have offices wherever it's convenient for you. I've discovered that San Resop has a small office up in the Finger Lakes region and, on top of everything else, they conveniently need some of my time every year around Labor Day! San Resop is a good client for everyone!

Required Reading

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Last updated: December 26, 2004