Basic Diskless Workstation Project

Note: This work was done in the fall of 2000 and the spring of 2001. Already, some of the links are stale. However, most of them will lead to links providing valuable information including new links for information that has moved.

This project is being done as a personal investigation of a diskless system. It does not have a particular end goal, but is intended to be a 'work in progress' allowing investigation of the methods while documenting the procedures followed.

This document is split into the following four sections:


This section briefly discusses why I am interested in this project. There are many things happening in the computing world that have always held my interest - like clustering and workstation networking. These are discussed briefly but my immediate interest would be better classed as a network of non-homogeneous systems for truly distributed processing and control. This aspect is discussed in more detail. I also delve a little into some side benefits that I expect to gain along the way.


After viewing why a project like this is of interest, I present the rationale for the particular approach I chose. As Perl mongers around the world love to chant: "There's more than one way to do it." And this is certainly true of a project like this. To find more detail, read the section, but as Frank Sinatra would say: "I did it my way!"


This is merely a blow-by-blow record of what I did. For those interested, it can form the beginnings of a HOWTO. However, by reading my comments, it may also provide a few NOT-TOs!


This section is a place for me to place a few conclusions that were gathered along the way. Don't expect to see much here until the latter part of January - if ever!

Copyright © 2001 David J. Pfaltzgraff, all rights reserved.