Pitchfork Solutions, LLC
850 Francis Scott Key Highway
Keymar, MD 21757

Pitchfork Solutions, LLC provides solutions that are practical, economical and appropriate for the problem. These attributes are evaluated in light of the specific environment seeking the solution. The 'environment' in this case includes factors such as cost, implementation time, suitability, reliability and safety. For example, why should you invest in a highly reliable solution providing an MTBF of 5 years that will only be used for a transition period of two weeks? On the other hand would you trust your primary production to a contraption held together with chewing gum and bailing wire?

Pitchfork Solutions, LLC is capable of addressing problems related to:

These last two are items often forgotten but very important in the current environment where employees are quite mobile. Although we tend to think of our society as computer literate, many people have limited exposure or experience. Good documentation and training are essential to achieving the full benefits of current technology.

These capabilities are available because of the breadth and depth of experience gained in serving the industry for over twenty-five years. During this time, software and hardware design services have been provided to a wide variety of customers through direct interaction with clients as well as through previous employers. In a secondary capacity, educational and documentation services have also been provided. These experiences provide a solid foundation to expand into new areas as they become apparent. The current resumé provides more detail.

In addition, access to the following resources allows expertise in areas not normally found in a single, small, local firm to be made available:

This allows Pitchfork Solutions, LLC to provide a broad array of solutions and to support them from concept through implementation and into a production environment. A deeper appreciation for the possibilities may be found by looking into my personal philosophy.

It is with these objectives and abilities that we listen to the problems of each client and attempt to work with them to determine an optimal solution.


Some will wonder about the origin of the name Pitchfork Solutions, LLC. The problem was that, with a name like Pfaltzgraff, how can one compete with an international pottery company? If I tried to use that, there may be all sorts of legal implications. Some people would chose a name that is derived from their location. I had two problems with that: 1)Where in the world is Keymar, Maryland? and 2) what if I were to relocate for any reason? Another problem is that the name Keymar itself was derived from Francis Scott Key (who once worked this very land and is the author of the "Star Spangled Banner") and the state of Maryland. Did I want yet another layer of implication in the name?

I wanted a name that would be indicative of practical or pragmatic solutions. Of course, a name like "Pragmatic Paradigms" doesn't bring up any real image of suitability. During this time, I happened to look at a pitchfork that my father-in-law had purchased during a visit to Tennessee many years ago. It was skillfully crafted from a forked tree branch and then formed into an excellently proportioned tool. How much more praictical could something be? Also, a name like "Pitchfork" should immediately grab someone's attention - something you want in a name. Eventually, this story came to mind. This pitchfork now forms the core of the logo. It is a real symbol for beauty in simplicity. I appreciate beauty in simplicity and hope that I can convey this through my work.

Having chosen a name like "pitchfork", of course I must be ready to accept the inevitable jabs. To help in these matters, check out my own humor section.

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