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When working in the electronics or embedded environment, it seems as though nothing ever goes smoothely. Problems take many forms and only prove that Murphy is alive and well! With its diverse background, Pitchfork Solutions is able to offer expertise to work through many of them. Here is just a sampling...

Hardware Design With over thirty years of experience in analog and digital design, you can be sure that the recommended design will be appropriate and meet your requirements. Design efforts of the past have ranged from battery powered micropower circuits to heavy duty multi-kilowatt power handlers. Communications circuits cover the spectrum from mundane serial links (RS-232, RS-485, etc.) to more esoteric interfaces such as ethernet and USB.

Software Design With lengthier experience in software, from FORTRAN to C++ and beyond, the design approach and implementation follow the current best practice of the trade. Every effort is made to ensure that the code is well documented and fully maintainable.

System Integration A very common problem in design efforts is that the hardware and software efforts don't seem to speak the same language. Having worked on both sides of this problem, we are able to help in addressing the same problems for your team. Many times this requires a full evaluation of the problems and assessing various trade-offs in selecting an optimum solution.

Documentation In spite of the capabilities that modern technology provides, the area receiving the poorest support is that user documentation. Pitchfork Solutions is able to generate documentation appropriate to your needs - from introductory to in-depth technical. The medium is chosen to suit your needs and include hard copy, on-line, or various electronic formats.

Training With several years experience in teaching, Pitchfork Solutions can effectively present material to a diverse audience. The environment can be structured as in a classroom or may be free-form on-the-job. The approach used seeks to effective transfer the knowledge with minimal impact on your work schedule.

Over the years, Pitchfork Solutions has developed a design methodology that works well in most situations. The process parallels a standard software life cycle. More details can be found on the Design Methods page. This should be used as a framework to determine your level of comfort in working on any project. Because each client has a different background, we can work with you in any manner where you can feel comfortable knowing that the job is being done efficiently and effectively.

Other links of interest are the overview which is a brief discussion of capabilities and history of the web site. In order to extend the capabilities available to our clients, we are part of a loose network called NoTE which stands for a Network of Technical Expertise.

Pitchfork Solutions specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology website for more information by clicking here.

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