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Pitchfork Solutions was formed in 2002 when a shifting economy caused one of the 'infamous' downsizing events. Realizing that there is a need for expertise in diverse areas that is not dedicated to a specific segment of the market, the decision was made to move into a broader market.

The expertise available stems from an inquisitive mind that likes to investigate and understand all kinds of curiosities - from the simple gadgets we use every day to the depths of physics, math, and chemistry. This facination is particularly focused on anything related to computers. Again, anything from small microprocessors to large networked systems. These all are tools that we can use to move towards greater understanding.

The various web pages used by Pitchchfork Solutions reflect how we see ourselves. In the beginning, the presentation was simple and straightforward. This was enhanced to show broader capabilities. Finally, something with graphics was developed. This was used for a long time, but it was felt that this may be too wordy. The current page tries to make it easier reading with a tabular format. The biggest problem is how do you present diverse talents without appearing too egocentric?

Probing Deeper

With a name like Pitchfork Solutions one has to be ready to explain why it was chosen and what it means. Well, the first part is that you want a name that people remember for some reason. In this case, it was chosen because it's different. However, it wasn't chosen just to be different. In this case, the pitchfork is symbolic of common sense and traditional approaches. Some time ago, when my father-in-law was vacationing in the Kentucky/Tennesee area, he saw a pitchfork carved from a single branch at a craft fair. It caught his eye and he purchased it. It hung above the hutch in his dining room for many years. When both he and his wife passed away, it came into our house. While considering many choices for a name, I happened to see this pitchfork standing in the corner of our dining room. The beauty and simplicity struck me while at the same time I was very aware of it's inherent utility. Very quickly it became symbolic of the way I'd like others to see my work - beautiful in it's simplicity and yet performing the intended job well. As I pondered this and compared it to some of the work I was doing at the time, a story came to me. I would like to think that, when I appraoch a design problem, I will always be able to find an elegant and efficient solution in the same manner.

Of course, when you choose a name that's out of the ordinary, you have to be ready to accept the jibes that will come your way. In this vein, it's easy to be able to laugh along with the others!

Some people want to see my résumé and expect to be able to devine from that whether or not I am capable. Because the brevity of a resume can obscure the full expertise of anyone, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

In addition to knowing my capabilities, it is good to understand my basic philosophies. For some, they will find this heartening. Others may find it objectionable. In either case, I will try my best to provide a sound solution to meet your specifications.

Many people ask for references. Because of the diverse nature of the business, it is almost impossible to list a set of references that accurately demonstrates our full capabilities. Also, for competitive reasons, several clients have asked that I not list them! What I can do is place some of my own work on the net for your review. Other than that, please contact me and I provide appropriate contacts for your review.

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