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Using an interdisciplinary approach, Pitchfork Solutions, LLC works with its clients to develop a synergism that results in effective teams and successful projects. Past projects have ranged from simple self-contained devices to fully networked systems. They have included dedicated proprietary applications to web-enabled user interfaces. In all cases, the successful completion of the project provided added benefits such as increased productivity, enhanced data collection, new functionality, and improved quality. Being client driven, Pitchfork Solutions, LLC continually looks forward to new challenges and the reward of another job well done.

With extensive experience in varying applications, Pitchfork Solutions, LLC is able to work with clients to find effective solutions to a diverse set of problems. Using methodologies derived from a scientific background, we can work with various models and implement them. This allows us to view the big picture and yet, at the same time, sweat the detail. Also, the breadth of our experience allows us to work with the client through the entire life cycle of the project. This approach to systems integration results in a very high success rate.

The primary task of the systems integrator is to define the various functional units and their interfaces. Once the interfaces are clearly defined, the integration process can begin so that the units are able to interact and become an operational system. The expertise of Pitchfork Solutions, LLC allows an open evaluation of all alternatives including hardware and software. With over twenty years of experience in these fields, an open and efficient evaluation is possible. If only proprietary interfaces are available, they can be utilized with minimal impact on existing systems. If new interfaces are required, current standards can be implemented to capitalize on available support.

Custom hardware may frequently be required. Pitchfork Solutions, LLC is ready to support this effort as well. Embedded systems based on available operating systems or on proprietary code may be implemented. Existing designs that are no longer viable can be readily upgraded to new hardware. Migrating to new hardware may allow an existing system to continue being operational and may be more cost effective than migration to a whole new system. If the older system is no longer supported, it may be feasible to port the older design to new hardware and software. Not only will this take advantage of newer technologies, but also may result in further cost savings.

A primary method for ensuring success is to have excellent documentation. Pitchfork Solutions, LLC prides itself in fully documenting all projects. This includes documentation of the developmental process as well as operational documentation for the end user. The documentation may be hard copy, electronic, or on-line as appropriate for the specific project. Pitchfork Solutions, LLC is capable of providing documentation for existing systems thus allowing the life-time of older projects to be extended. If appropriate, documentation for the purposes of training may also be generated. If desired, Pitchfork Solutions, LLC will also conduct training sessions at the client's location.

Current technologies often require that the implementation of a system necessitates some degree of networking. Pitchfork Solutions, LLC is able to support the current standards including RS-232, RS-422/3, RS-485, and Ethernet in its various forms. For lower-level devices this may require protocol design and for higher-level devices it may require protocol analysis. It is through these communication channels that functional units interface to each other and become an operational system.

Although the emphasis has been on systems integration and communications, Pitchfork Solutions, LLC is ready to help in any of the ancillary fields as needed. This may include the design of databases, user interfaces, process flow, and control. With this flexibility, the question is no longer if Pitchfork Solutions, LLC can help ensure the success of your project, but when. Contact us today and allow us to explore the possibilities!

Probing Deeper

With a name like Pitchfork Solutions, LLC one has to be ready to explain why it was chosen and what it means. Well, the first part is that you want a name that people remember for some reason. In this case, it was chosen because it's different. However, it wasn't chosen just to be different. In this case, the pitchfork is symbolic of common sense and traditional approaches. Some time ago, when my father-in-law was vacationing in the Kentucky/Tennesee area, he saw a pitchfork carved from a single branch at a craft fair. It caught his eye and he purchased it. It hung above the hutch in his dining room for many years. When both he and his wife passed away, it came into our house. While considering many choices for a name, I happened to see this pitchfork standing in the corner of our dining room. The beauty and simplicity struck me while at the same time I was very aware of it's inherent utility. Very quickly it became symbolic of the way I'd like others to see my work - beautiful in it's simplicity and yet performing the intended job well. As I pondered this and compared it to some of the work I was doing at the time, as story came to me. I would like to think that, when I appraoch a design problem, I will always be able to find an elegant and efficient solution in the same manner.

Of course, when you choose a name that's out of the ordinary, you have to be ready to accept the jibes that will come your way. In this vein, it's easy to be able to laugh along with the others!

Some people want to see my résumé and expect to be able to devine from that whether or not I am capable. Because the brevity of a resume can obscure the full expertise of anyone, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

In addition to knowing my capabilities, it is good to understand my basic philosophies. For some, they will find this heartening. Others may find it objectionable. In either case, I will try my best to provide a sound solution to meet your specifications.

Then again, many people ask for references. This one is difficult in that Pitchfork Solutions, LLC is new. I attempted to contact previous clients to ask permission. I found that in many cases the people that knew me have moved on and are no longer available. In one case, I was asked to not mention the client for confidentiality purposes. What I can do is place some of my own work on the net for your review. Other than that, please contact me and I can discuss specific details with you.

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